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Pig Headed Discipline

How to Double your Productivity in 30 days or less

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Getting into business is tough. Surviving, and thriving in business is even more challenging. That's why we created this course. To share with you 3 practical mindsets and 6 points of leverage to instantly give you more control of your business and life.

Master the strategies and attitudes of some of the worlds most productive and effective business people with this streetwise yet holistic training course.

Learn how to.

  • Train Your Brain to Gain and Earn.
  • Use Your Body to Supercharge Your Energy and Vitality Levels.
  • Surround Yourself with these types of People and Watch Your Confidence and Charisma and Competence Soar.
  • Plan like a professional Project Manager and Ensure all Your Projects come in on Time, within Budget, and to Your Stakeholders Expectations.
  • Front up to and Solve All Your Challenges with this Simple yet Dynamic 5 Step Problem Solving Process.
  • Discover and Exploit the Ultimate Time Management Tool.

Learn Why Time Management is the Most In-Demand Executive Training Course on the Planet.

It's often said that money is the greatest asset in a business. When you think about it, your time is a far more precious resource. You can always replace money, but once time elapses, it's gone forever.

And yet so many people bemoan the fact that they haven't enough time to achieve their dreams. The reality is that they have exactly the same time as Bill Gates, Warren Buffet or even Richard Branson. They are just not using it in an optimal way.

That's the purpose of this course. To share with you the mindsets, the routines and the practices of those who have succeeded in creating a rich life - financially, emotionally and physically.

What's different about this course is that it recognizes that effective time management is first and foremost an attitude of discipline. Before you begin learning new planning techniques you first need to commit to disciplining yourself in 6 key areas.

  • Psychology. Really productive people realize that productivity begins and ends in your mind. They learn to harness the almost infinite potential of their minds. In this course learn that no thought ever resides in your mind rent free. You will learn that by changing the quality of your thoughts you will change the quality of your results and productivity. Learn how by becoming conscious of your choices you can begin to instantly transform your output. Learn how to program your subconscious mind with clear intentions and to eliminate those non-productive beliefs and programs that have been responsible for your results up to now. Finally, discover what an Eagle who was reared with chickens can tell you about productivity.
  • Physiology. High Productive people have high energy levels. Full stop. The new term for Time Management is rapidly becoming Energy Management. Learn three ways to change your energy levels for the better - beginning today.
  • People. My favorite all time quote comes from Jim Rohn and it states that 'you are the average of the five people you are surrounded by most of the time.' Nowhere is this more important than in the area of personal productivity. Simply stated, in order to change your results, change your peer group. This course will show you four practical strategies how.
  • Planning. Planning remains at the heart of effective time management. Learn six practical strategies to plan your Key Result Areas; your Month (I get paid a fortune to do this one exercise in some of the biggest organizations in the world); your Week (Imagine impacting the quality of your other 167 hours in your week with this simple exercise); your Day (Learn why you should always plan your day before you leave your place of work); your Projects (When you think about it, everything is a project. This is a non-negotiable skill for anyone who intends being more productive); your Communications (This six phase communications strategy can absolutely propel you into being a mega communicator).
  • Problems. Life is a series of problems and if you're mature, you'll learn the wisdom of confronting your problems early and squarely. Learn how the buffalo has this sorted out naturally by nature. In addition, learn a five step problem solving process that you can apply to any problem from poor sales to reduced profitability to breaking bad news to a colleague .I used this exact process to deal with the news that I had a rare tumor on my right aorta.
  • Presence. We expend vast amounts of time bemoaning the past or fantasizing about the future. This is a pity because The Present Moment is by far and away the ultimate time management tool. When you invest fully and passionately in the present moment you increase massively the probability of you being, doing and having the burning desires you yearn for.

On the program we talk about the power of asking good questions. Two good questions for you to consider now are:

1. What differences would it make in my life if I were to double my productivity?

2. What will the cost be to me - emotionally, physically and financially - if I choose to do nothing about it?

Tony Robbins has said that 'it's in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.' Make an investment in your destiny by signing up now for this practical and positive and life changing course.

Your Instructor

Pádraic Ó Máille
Pádraic Ó Máille

Way back in 1988 I heard a speaker address my local chapter of Jaycees International on the subject of Time Management. I was blown away at the idea that your results in business and life are largely determined by how you use your time.

After his lecture I casually mentioned to him that I'd love to teach time management techniques just like him. His reply would change the entire course of my life.

'What's stopping you?'

Of course I had dozens of reasons, not least that I was involved in my family business and that my Mother wanted me to continue this on to a third generation, and that frankly, I had no background or qualification in training or speaking.

Yet again, his reply was abrupt and direct.

'It's your choice.'

And for the first time in my life I realized you do always have a choice. And difficult as it was at the time, I choose to leave the family business and study the best time management material in the world. I connected with the top guru's on the planet from Stephen Covey to Brian Tracy to Tony Robbins to Bob Proctor to Dan Stamp. And I succeeded in creating what I thought was a wonderful course and I couldn't wait to unleash it on people who wanted to get better results.

The only problem was, whilst people loved the course, it failed miserably to change their lives in any significant way.

One day in desperation, I was watching my kids play football in our back garden. There was a largish rock in the center of the garden that was hampering their efforts to get a decent game going. Most adults would have given up and tried something else. Not kids with a burning desire however.

After failing a number of times to shift the rock with their combined strength it occurred to the youngest of them to try leveraging the rock with a long stick. The thing was he was unable to get any purchase. His brother then placed a smaller stone under the stick close to the boulder and with this they they began for the first time to budge the rock. It wasn't enough to move it however. They then recruited the services of one of their bigger friends to lean on the end of the stick and hey presto, the rock moved.

Out of the blue, I discovered the three components for getting the results you want in any area of your life.

1. You need a Burning Desire. We all have wishes but wishes are weak and wimpish and lack potency. Those kids had a burning desire to move that rock.

2. You need a Fulcrum to enable leverage to happen. Interestingly this fulcrum is also a mindset or an attitude. It's called Discipline. When you think about it nothing happens in life without Discipline. Babies know this instinctively. Otherwise no one would ever walk or talk or tie their shoe. And the great thing about Discipline is that you only need it for a short time until such time as the discipline becomes a habit.

3. You need Leverage. I learned six different levers that all truly productive people use.

By combining these three simple mindsets I began to generate awesome results for my clients. In the intervening time I have helped thousands of people to Feel Better; Look Better; Earn Better; and Perform Better. Many have gone on to lead their countries; their organizations; play sport at the highest international level; but most of all, to realize more of their potential, and in the process live lives of success and substance and significance.

If, like me, you've been frustrated with your results, and yet you're still ambitious to be and do and have more, then this course is a great beginning.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

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